Our Partnerships

IRIMEX has legal entities binding it to different business partners in Iran and around the world. This has broadened the company relations with other parts of the world, resulting in more business options.

Here is the list of our general partners:

International Partners:

Arian Silver (www.ArianSilver.co)

Avensis (www.Avensis.com)

Changshu Besta Textile Trading CO.,LTD (www.csbesta.com)

REWO-Tapes (www.rewo-tapes.de)

Turkusa (www.TurkusaTrading.com)

Vega Turk (www.Vega-Turk.com)

Local Partners:

Khazar Merinos Industrial Group (Anzali Free Trade Zone)

Harbinger (www.Harbinger.ir)